About Creative Gardens!

Established in 1969 Specializing in Japanese and European Gardening

In 1969 Martin Lee Berlinger founded Creative Gardens for the purpose of offering unique and specialized garden designs of the highest standards possible. For over 35 years since its conception, Mr. Berlinger has been instrumental in developing gardens throughout the world. While he holds a degree in Landscape Architecture, he feels his main education has been procured overseas through studies in garden design practices in various countries, including Japan, China, England, Scotland and France.

His individual style and spiritual approach have been illustrated through numerous lectures, slide presentations, articles and interviews. Mr. Berlinger even designed a garden for a client in Bali, Indonesia that was featured in the PBS special "Gardens Around the World," hosted by Audrey Hepburn. As work as the recently published book BALINESE GARDENS.

His work has appeared in numerous publications, and in 2009 his projects were included along with 45 other architects and landscape architects from around the world in the book The Architect's Garden by Lucy D. Rosenfeld.

Mr. Berlinger's Personal house and gardens in Stone Ridge, have appeared in numerous articles and consist of a compendium of gardens from around the world blended into the surrounding landscape of oak forests, ferns and blueberry gardens with a full color portfolio of his work spanning over 40 years have been created to illustrate to his clients possibilities for their own properties.

Established in 1969 Specializing in Japanese and European Gardening


Many of Martin's original designs appear in a number of publications including these books: Bali Style by Rio Helmi - Barbara Walker - on pages 216 thru 220. Also featured in The Architects Garden by Lucy D Rosenfeld.